01. Introduction to Makeup for Print, Fashion, Runway and Red Carpet - Lecture

Makeup for Fashion, Runway


The lessons in the Makeup for Fashion & Runway continues on the foundations that were built in the Makeup Essentials Program. During this course the student should continue to focus on professionalism and act as they would expect an assistant on a Print, Fashion, or Runway job to act. Anything that you would not do on the set, you should not do with your models, as you work your way through this course. Build proper habits, so that later on you will not have to give professionalism much thought. The course should be fun, but students need to remain serious and dedicated artists. During the Makeup for Fashion & Runway course students will work on models, in addition to their own face and/or a mannequin head (if the skin becomes irritated or sore from repetitious makeovers). Students should make every effort to work on a variety of face shapes, colors and age. This will better prepare you for working on actors and actresses for different types of projects. In this course students will be focused on makeup for professional level, Print, Fashion, and Runway, in addition to visualization and color theory. • Lecture = Demonstration and discussion time • Lab = makeup application or assignments  

Online Schedule

• Since our online courses are available 24 hours a day (with the exception of our “Live Instructor Reviews”, students can work at their own pace. • We do advise that students create their own schedule, so they are working consistently, skills continue to increase and the course is finished as soon as possible, so that you may proceed to the next lesson. • Live Instructor Reviews are schedule after each student completes their given Lab Assignment. If students are not able to attend their pre-scheduled Live Instructor Review the appointment must be rescheduled within 24 hours or the review course fee will be forfeited.  


• Makeup Kits – See list of equipment under “Extras” • Mannequin Heads - Are only to be used in the case of severely irritated skin (See Education Specialist to place order) • Notepad and pen or pencil (or use the online notepad)  

Table of Contents

  1. Lecture: Introduction to Print, Fashion & Runway
  2. Lecture: Visualization
  3. Lecture: Color Theory
  4. Lecture: Smokey Eye Look
  5. Demo: Smokey Eye Look
  6. Lab: Application – Smokey Eye Look
  7. Lecture: Cover Looks
  8. Demo: Cover Look #1
  9. Lab: Application – Cover Look #1
  10. Demo: Cover Look #2
  11. Lab: Application – Cover Look #2
  12. Demo: Cover Look #3
  13. Lab: Application – Cover Look #3
  14. Lecture: Runway Looks
  15. Demo: Runway (Flush Look)
  16. Lab: Application – Runway (Flush Look)
  17. Demo: Runway (Liner Look)
  18. Lab: Application – Runway (Liner Look)
  19. Demo: Runway (Neutral Glow Look)
  20. Lab: Application – Runway (Neutral Glow Look)
  21. Lecture: Red Carpet Looks
  22. Demo: Red Carpet Look #1
  23. Lab: Application – Red Carpet Look #1
  24. Demo: Red Carpet Look #2
  25. Lab: Application – Red Carpet Look #2
  26. Lecture: Avant Garde Looks
  27. Demo: Avant Garde Look #1
  28. Lab: Application – Avant Garde Look #1
  29. Demo: Avant Garde Look #2
  30. Lab: Application – Avant Garde Look #2
  31. Makeup for Print, Fashion & Runway - The Business of
  32. Final Test