02. Introduction to Makeup for Print, Fashion, Runway and Red Carpet - Video

Welcome to MKC Beauty Academy online training program. Hi, my name is Margaret Kimura, and I’m the founder of MKC Beauty Academy. In this particular program you are taking Makeup for Print, Fashion Runway and Red Carpet. You learning everything you need to know in the Print, Fashion, Red Carpet and Runway industries. This course includes written lectures, photographic slideshows, video demonstrations and much more. If you work diligently, the materials in this course can be covered in less than two weeks. But word of advice, don’t rush it. And always remember by taking this online program, you have the luxury to do it at your own pace at anytime, anywhere. In this particular program, we will cover introduction to makeup Fashion, Print, Runway and Red Carpet. Color theory, special looks, cover looks, runway looks, Red Carpet looks, Avant guard looks, and of course, your final exam. Now remember, don’t rush it. Absorb all the information before you move ahead. And practice, practice, practice. Good luck. Enjoy the ride. And I look forward to seeing you at the next program.