02. Introduction to Makeup for Retail, Bridal & Special Events - Video

VIDEO TRANSCRIPTION: Hi, Welcome to MKC's Retail, Bridal & Special Events Program. My name is Margaret Kimura and I am the founder of MKC Beauty Academy in Hollywood. In this program we will cover all of the details of Retail, Bridal & Special Events makeup artistry. You will learn many subjects including hygiene, face shapes, eye shapes and lip shapes. You will also learn how to match colors and create your own custom colors. In this program we will also cover blending. It is very important to learn how to blend properly as blending is the foundation of a really powerful makeup application. We will also cover basic color schemes. This is very important because you need to know how to plan and choose the correct colors in order to create a beautiful final finished look. We will also cover career goals. You can learn all about makeup but if you do not have your career planned and structured, how will you make a living. This is one of the most important aspects of this program that you will learn. In this program you will learn what it takes to become a professional makeup artist along with how you should behave and dress to portray yourself as a professional. This information is very important if you wish to be a success. In section 12 we will cover the retail aspects of the makeup business. Products, product knowledge and the art of selling. Of course you will need to know what retail products are. This program will cover all of this information in addition to product brands and product colors, and choosing the appropriate colors and products for your clients. In this section we will discuss eye shadow product looks, lip product looks, flawless skin and how to sell the products. In Section 30 you will learn about the Business of Bridal & Special Events. You will learn the details on how to take care of the bride and how work in the bridal industry. The bridal industry is very lucrative and many of your clients will come from recommendations. Of course we will discuss different bridal looks and you will see demonstrations of each look, which you will create during your lab assignments. We will cover vintage bridal looks, modern bridal looks, natural bridal looks, glamorous bridal looks and provocative bridal looks. Please keep in mind that all of the demonstrations that I perform for brides are looks that you can create for your retail and special event clients also. Know that we put together this program specifically to prepare you to start your business working as a freelance makeup artist in retail, bridal & special events. Get your brushes and pen & paper ready so you can write down the important details you will learn in this program. Make sure to take plenty of notes and take your time. Do not rush. Learn this program at your own pace. Take the time that you need so you can be the best Retail, Bridal & Special Events makeup artist that you can be. Good luck and we will see you in the next program!