02. Introduction to Makeup for TV and Film - Video

Welcome to MKC Beauty Academy online training program. Your focus of learning today will be about the motion picture industry, focused on TV and film. In this course you will learn all you need to know how to become a makeup artist in TV and film. Learning looks from the 1920s, all the way through the 1990s. We will teach you how to research and perform the looks for every decade. Now, while you’re learning the looks, you will also learn how to start your freelance makeup artist business and how to market yourself to potential clients. In the topics that we teach you, you will learn all the introductory aspects, how to get into the industry, and then we will also go into different looks for different eras. Such as the guardians. The 1920s flappers. The 1930s art deco. The 1940s, mainly the warriors. 1950s Marilyn Monroe, haute courtier, greasier. The 1960s, all about the Mod, beet neck beach, and androgynous looks. The hippies of the 70s. The neo romantic of the 80s. The grunge and hip hop of the 90s. And much, much more. Finally, you will have your final test. So, make sure you do take your time and not rush things. And make sure you have all the information absorbed before you go on to the next step. Now remember, taking an online training program, you have the luxury to do it on your own pace, anytime, anywhere. So don’t rush it. And just have fun and learn as much as you can by taking your time and practice, practice, practice. So, good luck and I look forward to seeing you at the next program.