04. Hygiene (Review) - Video

VIDEO TRANSCRIPTION: In this section about Hygiene, you will learn what it takes to be sanitary with yourself, your hands, with your client, with your tools and with your products. These are very important steps you must take in order to be as clean as possible, especially when you are working on other people. You must always clean your hands no matter what it takes, whether you are washing your hands or using a hand sanitizer. In most cases when you are working away from a sink, hand sanitizing will be your best option. This is your first step. Your second step is to always make sure you have fresh breath when you are working on other people. This is important for you and your client. Make sure to give your client a mint if it is necessary. Now lets talk about the plate and spatula. The plate is made of surgical steel and you will apply your makeup products directly to it. In this way you can dip your brushes into the product without dipping into the actual product container. Take your spatula and scoop out the product you will need and place it on the plate. This is a very good way of using your makeup products on your clients without contaminating your product containers that you will use on many different jobs. Otherwise you will need to purchase new products for each job. Remember to always clean your tools prior to using them as I just did with the spatula and plate. Now lets talk about lipstick. This is something very important that you can do just like we just did with the foundation. You never know when someone might pick up your products. I always use rubbing alcohol to clean everything prior to putting it onto the plate. People like to see that everything is sterile. Also when you finish using a tool wipe it with the rubbing alcohol, just to clean it and make sure that everything is clean prior to putting it away. Lets talk about powders. After every use make sure you spray the powder lightly with rubbing alcohol. Do not spray too close. Spray far enough away that you hit the powder but you do not make it wet. This will make sure that you can open your kit to clean products every time. Now lets talk about cleaning your brushes. Here is an eye brush. To clean this brush you will use a piece of cotton or tissue as I am showing you now. What you will do is get brush cleaner. Then you will hold the brush on the tissue paper or cotton, whatever you like to use.. you could also use a paper towel, you can even use a baby wipe. I like to use tissue paper. You will then hold it like this for a quick cleaning. You will then spray, spray, spray... dampen it thoroughly. Then just rub it clean. You can also use alcohol to spray the brush after you are finished rubbing it clean to add an additional layer of cleaning. This is a quick cleaning that you will do during the application in front of your clients. After the application you will always do a deep cleaning of your brushes with a shampoo.I suggest a baby shampoo as it is gentle on the brush hair. Afterwords just let it dry over night on a clean towel. Now lets talk about mascara. A typical mascara will have two tops, one with a wand and one without. As a professional I would suggest you use a wand on your clients but always use disposable wands. So if possible find mascara in a squeeze tube as it is more hygienic. If not always place the clean disposable mascara wand into the mascara and then rub it onto the plate so you will only have clean wands going into the mascara container and clean mascara going onto each new client. Keep everything clean. Also always use a clean sponge. Just pat it into the cleaning fluid and now you will have a clean sponge with clean product. Having clean product is everything, so if you emphasize this during your makeup application your customers will feel safer and happier. Here is a nice clean powder puff. I always wash it thoroughly using hot water and a little bit of bleach to disinfect it, then you just air dry. Here is a pencil. Anytime you use any kind of pencil, always sharpen it to remove any residue from the previous use as it is a tool you will be using on your client's skin. One you are finished sharpening, spray it with a little alcohol and let it dry. You have to over emphasize cleaning and sanitizing your products in front of your clients so they know how clean you are. Thank you.