08. Pear Shaped Face - Video

VIDEO TRANSCRIPTION: So we're going to talk about the pear-shaped face. The pear shaped face has a wide forehead and a narrow jawline. It is similar to the heart-shaped face, however it is very thin around the chin. The pear shaped face tends to be thinner at the top of the head and rounder and wide on the bottom, without a point. Like I said the pear shaped face is wide at the jaw line which tends to be the point of focus where the face gets very heavy. The temples are thin so you will want to definitely focus on this area when you are contouring and shading the makeup. You can bring the look of the face into balance by doing a lot of shading around the jaw line. When you are working with concealer place your concealer with a sponge around the eye and on the center of the forehead. Stay away from areas where light will elongate the face as it is already elongated. You don't want to do any kind of highlighting around the jaw line. If anything you will want to darken around the jawline. Remember the shadows and Light technique, Light draws out and dark draws in. You will want to apply shadowing on the jawline and emphasize the apples of the cheeks and above on the forehead area. You will tend to use two different shades of foundation one darker and one lighter in those specific areas as well. You want to create proportion and symmetry. To balance out the face especially because the chin is very cut off and the jawline tends to be wider. The jaw tends to protrude out more so you really want to balance that area by creating proper shading of the darker areas that you want to pull in and the lighter areas a touch lighter you want to pull out . SO you must really work on the Shadows and light technique using the foundations as well. When you are applying contour powder I always suggest you use the brush at the end when you are setting the look, just to bring some emphasis in those areas. Especially on the cheekbones so your eyes do not focus on the protruding jawline. You want to bring focus on the cheekbones. Make sure that you add a little more color on the inner part of the cheekbones. A good way of knowing if someone has what you would call a pear-shaped face is that they tend to have a lot more space around the cheeks. A person who I would call a perfect example of a pear-shaped face is Kelly Osborne. She has a very prominent pear shaped face. Also Penelope Cruz has a pear-shaped face. Penelope's pear-shaped face is not as prominent as Kelly Osborne's, but is still somewhat pear-shaped. Pear shaped faces are not always obvious. They come in all shapes and sizes in this group. Like I said in previous lessons a male face tends to be more combination and you don't have as much correction to do. They come in different pear shapes. Some have more square, some are more rounded. So you have to know what you are doing. With the male you really want to contour. If they tend to have an overly pronounced jawline and everything else is narrow you will end up shading on the jawline. So there you are, that is the pear-shaped face. Make sure you look at your charts and study the shapes when you are working on your client that has a pear-shaped face so you have a better understanding on how to apply the Shadows and Light technique on them.