09. Oval Shaped Face - Video

VIDEO TRANSCRIPTION: Now we are going to talk about the oval-shaped face. To be honest with you, oval faces are probably the most proportionate faces you can work on. You do not have to do any kind of special contouring or highlighting because they tend to have incredibly beautiful symmetry. If you work on someone that has an oval shaped face you are very lucky because you have a great canvas to work on. Most models especially beauty models tend to have an oval-shaped face. Especially models that are used to sell cosmetic products and items like that. A perfect example of a great oval-shaped face is Jennifer Aniston. She has a really great oval-shaped face. Jessica Alba and Beyonce... now we are we are talking about beautiful women here. You have many options when working on oval-shaped faces and you definitely do not have to worry about contouring or anything like that. An example of a male oval-shaped face is Jude Law or someone like that. Someone that really has nice symmetry. The types of looks you can do on an oval-shaped face are wide open. Really study your chart and understand the balance of the face. Know that this is perfect shaped face for a beauty shoot or eye glass shoot. Companies tend to hire models with oval-shaped faces. Now there you go, that is the oval shaped faces. Oval-shaped faces are perfectly symmetrical and balanced faces in every way, the forehead, the cheeks, the jaw, the chin. Everything is in proportion. Nothing is overstated or understated. It is really a perfectly shaped face.