10. Round Shaped Face - Video

VIDEO TRANSCRIPTION: Okay we are now going to talk about the round-shaped face. It is definitely a face shape you will want to consider doing more contouring and highlighting on. Round faces tend to have full cheeks and a round chin. They have a very cherub like face. So if you look at little angel or cherub paintings they tend to have round-shaped faces. Famous celebrities that have round-shaped faces are Kelly Clarkson and Cameron Diaz. They have rounder faces. Round-shaped faces comes in different shapes and sizes, but you can see how everything is rounded and full in the cheeks and the chin. One thing is that round faces tend to look younger for a long time. They look younger because they tend to have less areas that wrinkle as opposed to someone who has a long-shaped face. This is really interesting. Round-shaped faces are naturally soft and feminine looking. I think a really great way to understand how you can romanticize a makeup application is by playing up the features by using much softer tones and also definitely using more contouring. You can create illusions of the cheek bones coming out and also underneath the jawline you really want to add more sharpness by shading. This will create a more chiseled look. You can also add highlighting on the upper part of the cheekbone to lift the cheekbone area. You want to use both aspects. Dark on the lower part of the cheekbone, underneath the ledge of the cheekbone and then on the apple or top of the cheekbone add a lighter color. This creates an optical illusion on the round-shaped face to create more of an oval or heart shape. Definitely don't underestimate using contouring and highlighting or Shadows and Light, especially on the round-shaped faces. Really study the chart and understand what I mean when I say round. A very cherub-like, baby-like faces. When they say you have a baby face, they say that to someone that has more of a round face. They have something youthful about their look and they tend to have a more rounder face. So in actuality people with round-shaped faces tend to look younger as they get older because they still keep that youthful quality, that baby quality. So there you go that is the round shaped face. Look at your chart and really study it so that you know that when you do have a round-shaped face model you are working on you want to consider really emphasizing and bringing out the cheekbone and using the shadows and light technique. Also sharpen the jawline and really enhance it to widen it up, rather then round it. You want to widen it and create a little more sharpness. There you go. The round-shaped face.