15. Runway Looks - Lecture

Makeup for Fashion, Print, Runway & Red Carpet Runway Looks

Runway Looks

A runway look, is any look that is appropriate for the catwalk or runway show that emphases the look and desire of the fashion designer and their clothing. As fashion designers and fashions vary so will the looks on the runway. Typically the makeup for a runway look is heavier than a cover look, as the looks are on live models with varying degrees of lighting, not professional photographic lighting. The overall design of the looks will vary from that of a cover look for children's clothing... To swimwear... ...to heavy theatrical looks for special presentations of artistic fashion designs. Runway looks will be presented in a runway show where the makeup application can either be unique or be a part of a larger look of the show. The fashion design team will have the first and last say on the final look. For the sake of this lesson we will focus on the most typical runways looks that will be most appropriate for the majority of fashion and fashion designers. There are many runway videos and live runway sites on the internet. Make sure to familiarize yourself with the looks and designs of the latest shows.