26. Blending (Review) - Lecture


All About Blending!

Blending - Prepping the canvas

In order to achieve perfect blending you must start with a face that is clean and moisturized. If your client has rough or oily skin you may choose to use a primer.  A primer will help you create the most perfect canvas possible with challenging skin. Make sure to apply concealer under your eyes and on any skin imperfections. This will also help smooth the skin and even out the tone. Next comes the foundation. The Foundation is going to be key to achieving great blending. Choose the foundation as necessary for the skin type, tone and coverage. When applying your foundation, start in the middle and blend out. Make sure to apply one one thin layer at a time, to avoid the makeup appearing "caked on".  Start with a little and add more and more until you have reached your desired effect.

Blending - Eyes & Lips

Make sure to only blend in an outward direction when you are blending eye shadows. Keep your blending to the area where the different colors meet. You want to make sure that each color has its own space. When using lip liner make sure that the lip liner matches the lip, lipstick or lip gloss.

Setting your makeup:

Once you have completed your blending, make to set everything with a translucent powder or setting spray.

Blending Tools

The proper tool for each use will depend the the product and location you are blending. Foundation:  For liquid or cream foundation use a sponge or your fingers for sheer coverage, or a brush for heavier coverage. Apply powder foundations with a foundation brush. For full coverage use a stick foundation which you will blend with your fingers. Use a moist sponge if you wish to thin out the foundation or for blending foundation into the neck area. You can apply concealer with your fingers or a brush depending on how much coverage you require. You can apply and blend with most concealer brushes. When blending the area around the eyes, make sure to use the appropriate blending brush. Again make sure to focus your blending on the area between the colors. When blending the lip liner with lip color make sure to use a flat, oval lip brush.