31. Closing Lecture - Video

Hi! This is Margaret Kimura and I’m the founder and head educator of this online training program you just completed. I want to first congratulate you to taking the steps towards your career as a professional makeup artist in the motion picture and entertainment industry. Now, in this course I want to go over what you just learned on this online program. This program information was taken from my own personal experience as a masters level makeup artist working hands on in the motion picture industry. Now, the structured lesson you just completed are the proper concordance to doing advance level beauty makeup for the theatrical, TV and film industries. Now, the period looks you just studied and practiced, they stem from various eras dating from the 1920s throughout the 1990s. Now please make a note, unlike fashion, these looks are based on authenticity of each period and they are not to be changed or dissected. As a masters’ makeup artist, I put together this curriculum to teach you how to research and perform the looks of every decade. Now, in addition to my main goal, I wanted to make sure you can start your career as a freelance makeup artist and to know how to properly market yourself to potential perspective clients. Now, I always encourage my students to practice, because practice makes perfect. So practice, practice, practice! After taking this program and you are compelled to learn more and if you have not already, please take the Fashion, Print, Runway and Red Carpet program. Now, if you are able and want to take your career to the highest level, although what you have just learned is up to par with the information what you need to know. I also highly recommend you take an in-person private intensive training with me or any of our highly skilled teachers in order to get your skills more perfected. I’d like to thank you again for taking this program and I really, really congratulate you on your new found career as a professional makeup artist in the entertainment, fashion or motion picture industries. Good luck!