35. Color Schemes: Colors - Lecture

Color Schemes



• Primary Colors: Red, Blue, Yellow (colors that appear naturally on earth) • Secondary Colors: Purple, Green, Orange (colors created from two primary colors) Red and Blue= Purple ‚ Blue and Yellow=Green‚ Red and Yellow= Orange • Tertiary Colors: Colors created by a primary and secondary color‚ for example, Blue-Violet.

Hues, Tint, Tone and Shade

Hue, Tint, Tone, and Shade is taking a color and making it darker or lighter. So what is pink a TINT of? That is right, RED. When you add white to red, you get pink!

Complimentary Colors

Colors opposite each other on the color wheel. See chart below. Red and Green - Yellow and Violet - Blue and Orange

Triadic Colors

Three colors that are an equal distance apart (they form a triangle). Orange, Violet, Green or Blue, Red, Yellow

Analogous Colors

Colors next to each other on the color wheel.