39. Makeup Artist Image - Lecture

Makeup Artist Image

The image of a professional makeup artist is based on the way you look, talk and behave as well as your portfolio.

Look Like a Makeup Artist

Be well groomed with little or no jewelry.   Arrive early and stay late to any job. You should arrive to a shoot with neutral makeup on and short clear nails. Your portfolio should be updated with your top photos that reflect your style and reorganized to showcase the appropriate style for the job you are interviewing for. Be mindful of the event and the possible impact your appearance could have. It is best to maintain a professional, clean, and well-kept appearance which does not conflict with the theme of the event or bring more attention to you versus the client.

Talk Like a Makeup Artist

Stay focused when speaking and do not switch topics from one thing to another. Asks open-ended, probing questions to gain understanding of skin care and other beauty needs. Confirms the client needs, offering products through demonstration and education. Confirms choices and closes the sale. Uses ice-breakers to build relationships with clients. Use your listening skills to help your client feel at ease. Do not talk about your own problems and drama, this is the client's time, they are paying for it, not you.  The client can bring drama, you can not.

Behave Like a Makeup Artist

Have an upbeat and high-energy attitude when contacting prospective clients. Create a welcoming environment for the client. Keep a calm, professional attitude. Be early, stay late. Do not ask to leave early unless it is an absolute emergency.  Leaving early will make you appear as if you do not care. If you are sick and can not work, find a replacement and if at all possible show up to the job, so the client can see how sick you are and explain to your replacement what needs to be done.  If at all possible do not add any inconvenience to your client.