Online Class Work Reviews



Work Reviews: Are only for students that wish to receive instructor support and a certificate of completion.  Make sure to do each assignment several times before taking a picture and submitting it for review.

Work reviews are processed through email.  For additional fees your work review can be processed by phone or skype.


Video Work Review: All students wishing to receive a certificate will need to do a Video Work Review, demonstration of their work.  Once a course is completed for a certificate, then a student will need to do a Live Video Work Review.  During the live video review, the student will demonstrate their ability to perform an actual look from the course. This guarantees the person receiving the certificate is the actual person taking the course.  This validation will keep the value of the MKC Academy Certificate’s and keep quality in our Alumni Association.  Along with the video work review, students must submit 3 digital images of the assignment. 1 from the front and 2 from the sides.