Makeup Basics Final Exam

Welcome to your Makeup Basics Final Exam Exam:

In order to graduate from this course you must complete the following test with a 70% or better grade.

This test will pull questions from every aspect of this program. If you do not feel ready, please stop now and review the course material before proceeding. (This is especially important for those students that are completing a certificate program.)

This test will consist of multiple choice questions.

1. During the Renaissance period, what was the height of fashion and how did they achieve this look?
2. Is this the correct process for cleaning your brushes at home? "Hold the brush under flowing water, then massage the bundle with shampoo, then rinse, then condition, then lay flat to dry"
3. Is this the correct process of cleaning a brush on the job? Wipe excess product off the brush with a tissue, then spray a clean tissue lightly with brush cleaner, then wipe the remaining product off with clean tissue with brush cleaner on it.
4. List the three parts that make up the anatomy of a brush.
5. Match the definitions to the correct coverage. Full Coverage:
6. Match the definitions to the correct coverage. Medium Coverage:
7. Match the definitions to the correct coverage. Sheer Coverage:
8. Match the moisturizer to the skin type. Combination:
9. Match the moisturizer to the skin type. Dry:
10. Match the moisturizer to the skin type. Oily:
11. Match the moisturizer to the skin type. Sensitive:
12. Select the four types of natural hair that a brush can be made of:
13. The definition of a Matte Look is: "To create a shiny look"?
14. The perfect makeup application can not be achieved if the eyebrows are not groomed.
15. The purpose of contouring is to?
16. The purpose of highlighting is to?
17. What 3 hygiene practices should makeup artists always follow?
18. What does a neutralizer do?
19. What is a complete no-no, causes bacteria to form on the brush and is equal to spitting in someone's face?
20. What must be done before and after each makeup application?
21. What things should you do prior to starting a makeup application?
22. Which are the 4 primary types of lighting as it relates to photography?
23. Which shape below is NOT a standard face shape?
24. Which step is NOT a basic step of applying mascara?
25. Which step is NOT a part of achieving a balanced and clean eyebrow?
26. Which steps do you use with "Flat Set Eyes"?
27. Who was the first diva of makeup in history?
28. Why did Egyptian men and women wear coal under their eyes?
29. Who was the first makeup artist?

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